Safe Cat Coastal Sassy Snag Proof Nylon Safety Cat COllar Block 3/8 x 12 inch

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Get safety, style, and comfort in one with the Snag-Proof Safety Cat Collar! The collar features lock-weave holes that allow you to adjust the length for a secure, comfortable fit. Its unique webbed design prevents snagging for improved safety. Plus, the material provides a soft and luxurious feel your cat will love.

  • Adjusts for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Improved safety with snag-proof design
  • Soft material for added comfort
  • Classic colors to complement any style
  • Unique webbed design with lock-weave holes

These cat collars are designed to breakaway when worn by cats over 8 lbs. Cats under 8 lbs and kittens should wear kitten collars, which breakaway at 8 lbs or less. Collars should sit higher on a cats neck. Be sure to measure here when determining how to size the collar. A collar should allow for no more than two fingers to slide between the collar and the cats body.