Fish Mate Pressurized UV Bio Pond Filter

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Fish Mate Pressurized UV BIO Pond Filter combines UV clarification and biological filtration to guarantee crystal clear purified water. Allows for easy installation above or below ground. Colored green to blend easily with natural surroundings. Designed especially to power waterfalls!

  • Includes UV light that clarifies water
  • Three-stage purification process
  • Easy installation and maintenance above or below ground
  • Inlet/Outlet .75" - 1"

Included filter provides a three-step purification process. The first stage is algae destruction that kills aglae that cause green water by passing them in front of UV-C light. The second stage is mechanical filtration that traps algae clumps and other large particles. Stage three is biological purification where the water passes through the Fish Mate SUPRA Biological Filter Medium. The structure of SUPRA enables rapid growth of aerobic bacteria, resulting in the removal of lethal ammonia and nitrite.

The 2000 and 3000 gallon models features POWERCLENZ, an automatic cleaning system providing pond keepers with less pond maintenance. Simply turn the knob to position "CLEAN" and the foam will be squeezed. The water pressure forces out pond sludge that may then be used elsewhere in the garden as a fertilizer.

Kits do not include tubing. Includes Supra Biological Media. 15' UV Connection Cable. There is a 3 year warranty on the unit, and a 6 months warranty on the provided UV lamp.

2000 Gallons: 9 Watt - 450-1,300 GPH
3000 Gallons: 13 Watt - 650-2,000 GPH