API Pond pH Up Raises Freshwater Pond Water

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API Pond pH UP adjuster slowly raises the pH of pond water, making it more alkaline, without harming delicate pond fish or aquatic plants. It slowly neutralizes acid substances that contribute to low pH, which can stress pond fish and suppress the activity of your ponds natural biological filter.

  • Safely & easily corrects pH
  • Does not promote algae growth
  • Safe for pond fish and plants
  • Phosphate free
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Test the pH level of the pond water with an API POND WIDE RANGE pH TEST KIT. Use the dosing cap on the bottle. Add 10 ml. of POND pH UP pH adjuster for every 50 gallons of pond water. For best results, add to water flow. Wait 24 hours, then test pH again. Repeat treatment as necessary.