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Cabo Chips Fresh Tortilla Corn are inspired by the hearty corn tortillas used by street and taco truck vendors.  Clean Label with only four simple ingredients: Corn, Water, Lime, and Chickory Root Fiber.  Chickory Root Fiber is needed to prevent the corn tortilla from cracking in the freezer because they don’t have fat (coconut oil).  100% Whole Grain Corn.  Try these corn tortillas as a perfect addition to any authentic Taco Tuesday!  12 tortillas per bag.Tortillas are the heart and soul of Mexican cuisine. This is why Cabo Chips set out to create the most authentic tortilla that reminded them of the fresh tortillas served at their favorite cantinas in Baja California while still using clean nutrient dense ingredients.Cabo Chips is committed to making the most authentic, delicious and minimally processed tortilla chip out there. Cabo Chips never cuts corners when it comes to quality and they’re dedicated to choosing only real, fresh ingredients. Cabo Chips put it in the extra effort to make sure their chips are made authentically, meaning each chip is batch-cooked and cut from whole tortillas made with whole ground, Non-GMO corn.From the white sand and blue ocean of Baja California where Cabo Chips was founded in 2004, to each and every one of your kitchen tables, barbecues and picnics, they promise to bring you only the best cantina-style tortilla chips, perfect for any occasion.