CACIQUE: Oaxaca Part Skim Milk Cheese, 10 oz



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Oaxaca [pronounced Wuh-HAH-kuh] was created long ago in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, for which it’s named. Belonging to the mozzarella family, it is a semisoft, white, artisan cheese made from cow’s milk. This unique cheese is made by stretching the curd into long ribbons that are most traditionally gently wound into a knot or formed into a ball. Like Mozzarella, Oaxaca is traditionally dipped into salt water at the end of the process to form a thin rind. Cacique’s Oaxaca cheese is made in a long rope then wound into a knot, in keeping with tradition.
Oaxaca cheese has a mellow, earthy flavor and is similar to an American String cheese or Mozzarella, though more buttery with a far superior “melt."