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High Tech Pets Bark Terminator 3 sets a new standard in bark control and training. Lighter and more compact than other bark collars, the BT-3 features revolutionary technology to distinguish between three levels of barking - nuisance, alarm, and howling - while allowing you to select the specific response to each, for a more complete and healthy training regimen.

  • 3 bark stopping modes allows precise training
  • 3 stimulus modes for safe, appropriate correction
  • Automatically reduces correction as behavior improves
  • Corrects nuisance barking while allowing dogs to bark when appropriate
  • Lightweight, waterproof collar

Most bark trainers use a single feedback in response to any amount of barking. While this may reduce nuisance barking, it also suppresses your dogs natural instincts to bark for protection, creating confusion and frustration for the dog. The Bark Terminator 3 avoids that problem by distinguishing between types of barking automatically, with 3 bark stopping modes:

  1. Normal Anti-Bark Mode (stops all barking)
  2. Anti-Intruder Mode (stops nuisance barking but allows alarm barking)
  3. Anti-Howl Mode (stops all barking and howling)

This innovation is accompanied by 3 stimulus modes: Sound Only, Shock Only, and Sound + Shock, becoming progressively more intense if the dog ignores the initial correction. When used consistently, this quickly trains your dog to develop healthy, natural barking habits.


  • Adjustable from 5"-24"
  • 1.5 oz
  • Effective on dogs 5-150 lbs
  • B-3V8 battery (included)

Note: This is a genuine High Tech Pet item. Beware of knock-offs that illegally use the same name.