Kaytee Kay-Kob Bedding & Litter

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Kaytee Kay-Kob Bedding and Litter is made from natural corn cob product and provides an ideal, highly absorbent and odor neutralizing litter for small pets and birds. This all-natural litter won't cling or stick to cages, and it contains no aromatic oils.

  • Super absorbent natural bedding and litter
  • Made from clean, heat-dried corn cobs for a brighter bedding with less dust
  • 100% natural litter won't cling or stick to cages

Kaytee Kay-Kob absorbs over 100% of its own weight in moisture and is made from natural, clean, heat-dried corncobs to provide a safe, efficient litter.

Made in the USA.

Contains: High quality corn cobs that are dried, processed and graded for bedding.